I often contribute to different media outlets and my work has been featured in BBC World News, The Guardian, Al Jazeera, El País, and El Diario among others. If you would like to discuss with me about political participation, social movements, and the background and ideology of the European far-right, you can reach me at f.santos@city.ac.uk.

Media Articles and Appearances

Santos, F. G., Mercea, D. (2022), "Hungary: election triumph for Viktor Orbán is a warning to progressive parties seeking a marriage of convenience with the far right.", The Conversation.

Interview on Chatam House's podcast Undercurrents on the educational projects of Europe's far-right (2021).

Comments for a piece on InfoLibre about the performance of Alternativ für Deutschland (AfD) in the 2021 German Federal Election (2021).

Comments for a piece on El Diario about the educational projects of Europe's far-right (2021).

Dorit Geva and my research on the educational projects of Europe's far-right featured in InfoLibre (2021).

Interview on BBC World News on activism during the COVID-19 pandemic (2020).

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As a Podcast Host

Interview to Chandra Russo on Solidarity in Practice: Moral Protest and the US Security State (Cambridge University Press 2019)


Interview to Laurence Cox on Why Social Movements Matter (Rowman and Littlefield 2018)


Interview to Donatella della Porta on Legacies and Memories in Movements: Justice and Democracy in Southern Europe (Oxford University Press, 2018)


Interview to James M. Jasper on The Emotions of Protests (University of Chicago Press, 2018)


Interview to Lorenzo Zamponi on Social Movements, Memory and Media: Narrative in Action in the Italian and Spanish Student Movements (Palgrave, 2018).

Interview to Austin Choi-Fitzpatrick on massive online peer review and open access publishing.